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Faced with the current global crisis most citizens continue with their acts of solidarity. It is in this spirit that we have employed our expertise to conceive and develop the LoopMask as our unique contribution to the fight against the pandemic. Made from a single material and requiring only a simple tie knot, these masks can be re-used after cleaning. LoopMasks are sustainably manufactured in Germany. * Patent pending  

Wearing a cleaned LoopMask minimises the speed and spread of breath and fluid ejection, thereby enabling you to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 whilst ensuring the stock of medical masks remains primarily within the domain of national health services. Purchasing a set of 5 masks allows you to always wear a clean mask while used ones are being washed or ironed for further use. 

LoopMasks completely cover nose, mouth and chin. They form a pouch in front of the mouth and are close-fitting to the cheeks. The inside surface of the masks are napped and gentle to the skin. They need to be tied only once at the back of the head. They are machine washable at 60°C. up to 100°C. if washed separately. Pre-moisten mask and iron at medium temperature. We currently offer LoopMasks in blue or black in a  Set of 5 at € 29,75 incl. VAT

LoopMasks are not certified nor medically or otherwise tested and do not guarantee protection against contamination.
Returns are excluded due to hygienic considerations.

Continue acting as if you weren’t carrying a mask.
Treat the mask you are wearing as if contaminated.
Avoid touching face or mask.
Wash your hands as soon as you have taken off the mask.
Maintain social distancing.
Despite wearing a mask, cough or sneeze into your elbows.
Clean and dry mask after each use.

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